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Start 2022 Fresh

December 31st, 1995

Bill Watterson’s final comic of Calvin and Hobbes is about beginnings not endings. It is always a good reminder that every single day can be a fresh start. Maybe last year wasn’t our best. Maybe yesterday wasn’t our best. But today is a clean slate – imagine the possibilities!!!

If you get the chance this new month of the new year – get a blank sheet of paper and leave it where you will see it. Leave it by the coffee machine or on your desk. Tape it under your calendar or on your mirror. When you see it, may it remind you of a new start. Fresh snow. A crisply made bed. A new notebook. Vacuum lines (my fav!!!). Your chance to start again.

Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?

Anne of Green Gables by L.M Montgomery

I don’t know how long this feeling lasts for you in January, but I want it to last forever. I may never mark on my paper so that it reminds me of my daily opportunity for something good.

Before the resolutions, new calendars, and agendas get filled in, take a moment to see that the blank pages ahead can become what you make them. You can do anything.

Wishing you a 2022 full of hopefulness. May this feeling of a fresh start rejuvenate you and your home!

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Working Out at Home

People always come up to me and ask, “Erika, how do you stay in such great shape with three kids?!” …omg JK! 😂 I’m still recovering from my Covid-19lbs. BUT they do ask my husband and here are his best tips: jump rope almost everyday with the Crossrope* sets below (he says you have to have both sets). He also does push-ups and pull ups, but for planks and sit-ups he uses the Stealth Core Trainer daily.

Both the Crossrope and Stealth Trainer have optional monthly fee content but he uses the free content and is happy with that. I haven’t done the jump rope stuff (it’s intense!) but I do attempt the Stealth Core every blue moon and like it! It uses your phone and has cool video games you play to increase your core strength! My cousin’s 10 year old holds some of the records on these games!** Click the pictures below for more information and good luck on your fitness journey (or gifting towards someone else’s!):

Crossrope Jump Rope Get Strong Set

Crossrope Jump Rope Get Lean Set

Stealth Core Trainer

*Cousin Chris started the Crossrope trend and passed it on to us! Thanks Chris!

**Cousin Jimmy started the Stealth Core trend! Thanks Jimmy!

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75 Screenless Activities for Kids – and Adults too!!!

Anyone else have kids addicted to the digital heroin? Well mine are all screen junkies and the pandemic didn’t help.

We had Covid-19 in December of 2020 (the whole family) and my husband and I barely had enough energy to take care of the little people. The boys had mild symptoms and were fine after day two, but Aaron and I got worse and stayed knocked down for 10 days. No one could help us or we’d risk exposing them… so it was computer, tablet, and video game central over here.

Weaning the kids off their 24hrs/day screens was not easy and we are still struggling. We needed ideas so we came up with the following document:

Most of this you probably either already own, can make (check on Pinterest!), or can procure 🥳 (I put some fun ideas below). But having a list on hand is key. Tape it somewhere everyone will see it (we have ours by where the kids hang their backpacks).

Having bins labeled with said activities is my favorite way to organize AND it lets you rotate out ideas. The best is when I forget I have a bin full of fun and find it – everyone is so happy!!! 😂