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Working Out at Home

People always come up to me and ask, “Erika, how do you stay in such great shape with three kids?!” …omg JK! 😂 I’m still recovering from my Covid-19lbs. BUT they do ask my husband and here are his best tips: jump rope almost everyday with the Crossrope* sets below (he says you have to have both sets). He also does push-ups and pull ups, but for planks and sit-ups he uses the Stealth Core Trainer daily.

Both the Crossrope and Stealth Trainer have optional monthly fee content but he uses the free content and is happy with that. I haven’t done the jump rope stuff (it’s intense!) but I do attempt the Stealth Core every blue moon and like it! It uses your phone and has cool video games you play to increase your core strength! My cousin’s 10 year old holds some of the records on these games!** Click the pictures below for more information and good luck on your fitness journey (or gifting towards someone else’s!):

Crossrope Jump Rope Get Strong Set

Crossrope Jump Rope Get Lean Set

Stealth Core Trainer

*Cousin Chris started the Crossrope trend and passed it on to us! Thanks Chris!

**Cousin Jimmy started the Stealth Core trend! Thanks Jimmy!


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