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Micro Lessons in Etiquette #2: How to Address Envelopes (basic)

Weddings, Holiday Cards, Family Reunions, and other formal mailings all have one thing in common… You need to find out cousin Ana’s new address! And you need to know how to address the envelope. This is one that most people get wrong and I’m not sure it matters UNLESS the person receiving the envelope is offended (in which case, it mattered😬!).

“You can be hurt, not by what others think of you, but by what you think of what they think or you think they think of you.”😆

Mokokoma Mokhonoana

Modern etiquette on this continues to change. If you are concerned about how to address your envelopes, I did a little research on if the man or woman’s name goes first on today’s envelopes. In one area I found clear answers: addressing married couples. Here is a quick tutorial on how etiquette dictates addressing married couples:


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