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Disney Cruising Post Pandemic (October 2021)

Yes. We went on a cruise… And it was AMAZING!!!

This October we sailed on a three night discounted cruise to the Bahamas on the 🚢Disney Dream. (Wait! How was it discounted?! Look on the Disney Cruise menu and click “Plan a Cruise” and then “Special Offers”).

The boat was incredibly clean, it had amazing safety guidelines, and the experience was more magical than ever!!! If you’re like me and have never liked big crowds, then the new covid procedures are for you. They have made it so that everything is timed out for groups to remain small and that everyone must maintain a 6ft social distance – it’s fantastic!!!

What to expect:

The new covid procedures can seem overwhelming. After going through each step, it ended up not being so bad. You are required to test unvaccinated passengers three days before your cruise. We did not use the company Disney suggested for our covid testing results – we just went to a local pharmacy and saved the pdf results to the website. It was easy.

The embarkation day covid testing was nerve-racking because it determines whether you can get on the boat!!! When you drive up to the port, you give the boat porters your luggage, go to the parking garage, and get tested for covid. Everyone (regardless of vaccination status) gets tested. Then you wait for up to an hour to find out if you’re allowed on the boat. We all tested negative (thank goodness!!!) and began the best vacation we’ve had in forever 🙌

What’s different:

🌟Masks are required everywhere.

🌟No eating in the main theatres (so that masks can stay on).

🌟The nursery is closed.

🌟You have to pre-book kids 3-12yrs in the kids club (which is open 🤩) and there’s a maximum time you’re allowed to book each day. Older kids can go to the preteen and teen clubs without reservations or time constraints.

🌟Character pictures are in front of an area with them behind you. They pose and make it memorable. It’s not as cute as the hug pictures, but kiddos are still happy!

🌟The pools are on a 10-15min timer with only a certain number allowed in at a once. When the whistle gets blown, you get out and wait in a socially distanced line before going back in. The time went by very quickly and it was fun to have the pool almost to ourselves!!!

🌟Some ports are closed to families that have unvaccinated children. Some ports only allow you to disembark if you book a port adventure. We only got off the boat on Castaway Cay and enjoyed the activities onboard while others disembarked the other days.

What’s the same:

🌟The Broadway caliber shows were spectacular.

🌟The steward’s attention to detail and room cleanliness was just as I remembered – can I move into these clean rooms permanently please? Beds made everyday and room refreshed twice. Twice!!! 😍

🌟All of the boat activities happened with slight safety modifications. Dancing, fireworks, BINGO, etc. All so fun!

🌟The food was delicious and all of the locations were open.

🌟Speaking of food – omgosh eat at Remy 🤤🤤🤤 Y’all. Just go on the boat for this restaurant. It’s on the Dream and the Fantasy. The menu was created by three-star Michelin Chef Arnaud Lallement and is the best meal I’ve ever had. Ever. Do it and take me with you. Here’s some pictures…

We have always said that a three night cruise is too short, but it felt like we were gone a week. It was relaxing and fun and everyone was all smiles the whole time!!! We will be booking another three night cruise ASAP for sure!


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