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🌟More Packed Lunch Ideas🌟 – easy freezer options ❄️ and leakproof water bottles 💧

In a quick follow up to my Packed Lunch post, I wanted to share these easy lunches you should have on hand in the freezer! These are so great and can cook while you’re helping kids with clothes or making breakfast in the morning before school. Click the pictures below for more details! I get them from Whole Foods but I’ve seen similar items at Target too 😍

Preheat Oven to 425, Cook 12 minutes, Place in Thermos 🦖
Preheat oven to 350, Cook 20 minutes, Place in Thermos 🙌
Preheat oven to 425, Cook 11 minutes, OR Microwave 2 minutes 40 seconds, Place in Thermos 🍕
Microwave 5 1/2 minutes, Let cool 1 minute; Place in Thermos 🍚
(I throw a soy sauce packet in the lunch pail too ☺️)

I divide whatever food above I heated into all of my kids thermos containers, throw in some ketchup in a small container, and then add an apple/raisins/banana and pretzels/goldfish/veggie chips to the bag and BAM easy lunch made!

Ketchup does not have to stay cold so I use these twist on top containers (any brand has worked) and they are great and easy for kids to close!

I also wanted to share the water bottle brand I have switched to that doesn’t leak: Pogo💙

The company is not paying me to talk them up but I have to share a quick story!!! My middle son chews on the loop on these and broke through them. I emailed Pogo and asked if I could buy just the lids. They sent me two more in two sizes for free!!!! I just had to provide my address!!! The product AND customer service is phenomenal at Pogo! My older son likes the stainless steel larger sizes and my 7yr old loves the 18oz. The ones below are probably better for kids Elementary school aged and older:


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